In-App Purchase Interface

The process of connecting our game to Apple and to our bank account is no easy task. Everything was never easy once it got involved with real money, but alas here’s how our In-App purchase interface gonna look like.
Quick way to get your way around quickly the most fun part of Hungry Oni!
(Numbers are not final and only for testing purpose)

New Bonus Bar

The Bonus Bar is now at the top of the screen,
Be revised not just the Bonus Bar, but the top part as a whole. Level, combo, and score is now clearer to see. The bar will fill for every combo you earned, and when its filled you get Bonus Time! And if you break the combo, it will reset to empty.

Character Selection Icons

Came up with an idea that on the Character Selection screen the character icons will be presented in the shape of toy figures. I always love toy figures but collecting them is such an expensive hobby. Perhaps one day we will have the real Hungry Oni action figure. That will be awesome.

Speaking about characters, we have decided that Hungry Oni will feature 5 playable characters. You can see Oni and Panda already, so who are the rest 3? To find out the answer you have to download Hungry Oni when its out. ;)

Circle Transition

Added new circle transition effect from menu screen to the gameplay screen.
Transition is something that happens for just split second, but it happens lots of times so we thought it would be nice to give it a little bit of touch, and we love it. It adds more cartoony feel to the game!


Tutorial Screen

These are the tutorial screens that player have to go through first before that have access to the actual game. We tried to avoid showing actual game screen or create tutorial specific stage which requires lots of coding and probably time. So the idea is to show it in a format that is more like a story book. Do have a read to get an idea of how the game plays!

iPhone5 Extended Screen

We extended the gameplay screen to suit iPhone5.

The tree on top is now bigger, allowing the player to recognise the color they have to eat faster and the fact that now any notification pops-up from top in the previous version of iPhones wont get in the way anymore is awesome news.

The ground gets bigger as well, giving the player bigger areas to slide the finger without touching ONI, because in Hungry Oni you touch the ground to move so that you can see the whole of ONI at all times and appreciate how sexy he is. ;)


His name is Simon.

A couple of weeks ago we conducted our first user test of the game, whereby a selection of friends played the game over a two week period, then filled in a questionnaire and shared their impressions of the game with us.

Prior to the test we added a feature that would record every action the user took during the game, then via a secret debug menu, send us an email with their entire gameplay history which we could then dump into a spreadsheet to peruse at our leisure.

Amongst our testers is a certain man named Simon. Opening Simon’s gameplay history for the first time was one of the high-points of this journey to make Hungry Oni a reality.

During a two week period, Simon played a total of 1300 games, with a total game time of 27 hours. Unlike most console games, in Hungry Oni the clock only ticks when actually playing the game. For the sake of comparison, one of my favourite games, Metal Gear Solid takes me 8 hours to complete. The majority of action games these days, of which hundreds of people are involved in the creation of, costing millions of dollars and taking years to make, aim for an 8-12 hour game time. The fact that our little, as yet incomplete game could keep someone entertained for so long is an indescribably magical feeling.

Thank you Simon.

Treasure Hunting

Hungry Oni will be free to download. However if we’re to be able to continue making games there has to be at least some way to make a quid or two to support our next game.

Everything in the game can be unlocked with the Oins you earn from playing, but if you need a shortcut you can buy some Oins with real money from inside the game. This is called an ‘in-app purchase’, and it’s the single scariest thing I, as the programmer, have to write; you can’t afford to have buggy code when you’re dealing with real money!

As much as I’d been dreading it, I started coding after school today and by dinner time had made my first successful in-app purchase!

Now to buy myself dinner with the money I paid myself O_o