Hungry Oni (iPhone / iPod) Hungry Oni HD (iPad) Hungry Oni Android

Come experience the quirky, magical world of Hungry Oni,
where collecting and consuming strange objects
is the aim of the game.

Ever wanted to eat an eyeball? Chow down on a cactus? How about snack on a submarine? Redefine the meaning of fine cuisine with the adorable ogre, Oni.


Meet Oni,
the little ogre with a BIG appetite.

Guide Oni between streams of falling 'fruits', eating only the tastiest morsels.

Your skillful play is rewarded with shiny “Oins”.

Use your Oins to unlock new bizarre fruits for Oni to feast upon.

Your house with sweet paintings to commemorate your achievements.

Earn Stars and reveal Oni’s secret past...

5 game modes, ranging from sedate to sadistic!

Outfit Oni in funky costumes.

Built with Corona SDK
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